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Passionate about You and Your Insurance

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Passionate. That might seem like an odd word to describe an insurance company. After all, insurance types are known as staid, steady and no-nonsense types.

Actually, we are steady and no-nonsense. Staid?

Not so much.

How does our being “passionate” help you?

We talk virtually everyday to folks who simply don’t know what is in their insurance policies. Even worse, what they don’t know is hurting them!

We are passionate about helping people understand their current policies — whether or not they ever purchase from us!

When we explain to people — in plain language — exactly what is in their policies and how they can improve their coverages, they are amazed! And very grateful.

Listen to what just one person said …

My family and I moved our businesses and personal insurance to Carl Nelson Insurance, after several years with another agency, and we couldn't be happier. They were very professional and thorough in their evaluation of our policies. They identified the areas that we needed to improve on. We are very satisfied with the amount of time and energy they allocated to making sure we had the correct type and level of coverage that was best for our businesses. I really appreciated the fact that they didn't push us in any one direction, but explained in easy-to-understand terms our options and the cost of those options. I would highly recommend CNI to anyone or any business looking for a fresh start with a professional insurance agency. Jeremy Freitas, Freitas Farms


“Online insurance companies cut out the middleman, so they are less expensive.”

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“Who do you think is paying for the multi-million dollar advertising? Their policies and services are not the same.”

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When people find out that Carl Nelson Insurance can provide both first-rate insurance and competitive rates, often at 15% lower than what they are currently paying, they are very happy.

Remember, If you under-insure and something happens, you’re in a lot of pain. If you over-insure, you pay more than you should. That hurts too.

If you are like most busy people, you don’t know precisely what is in your policies. Please call us for a NO-CHARGE, NO-NONSENSE EVALUATION.

We’ll simply …

  • Discuss your current needs
  • Review your current policies
  • Explain your current coverages
  • Make sure you understand … we’re patient
  • Make recommendations … if needed

We won’t try to strong-arm you into switching insurance carriers. Promise.

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