Independent Insurance Agents

How the word “independent” makes all the difference.

What’s the big deal about an “independent” insurance agent?

Have you ever gone into a big store like Home Depot and been overwhelmed by all the choices? If you were lucky, a store clerk approached you saying, “May I help you?” You told him the problem you were trying to solve. He asked you a question or two to clarify your specific problem; then he took you straight to the aisle and shelf and pointed out just what you needed. You were very grateful. That store clerk saved you time. Plus, he saved you frustration and money: What if you had purchased the wrong tool and had to go back and buy another?

When you work with an independent insurance agent, it’s like having a knowledgeable store clerk help you. Heck, it’s even better than a store clerk: It’s like having a personal shopper. Here’s how it works.

Your licensed CNI independent insurance agent meets with you personally and assists you to discover your risks and explain to you perils of which you may not be aware. Then your agent shops numerous underwriting insurance companies — all with A ratings with A.M. Best Rating Service — for a plan that suits your specific needs

Best of all, your agent knows how to negotiate with these companies to get you the best premium

If you were doing the shopping yourself, would you know how to negotiate with an insurance underwriter?

But let’s say you are persuaded by a clever television commercial to purchase your insurance online. You diligently fill out their form online and get a quote. But maybe there’s a better provider, so you go to another website and fill out their form. And then another and another. You have to give your information over and over to get numerous quotes. 

Or maybe you used an insurance comparison site. That’s better than the above, but you still won’t have the personal interaction with a knowledgeable agent who can help you understand the insurance terminology. Without that interaction you may not accurately discern the extent of the coverage you need. You may end up with a policy that costs more, doesn’t provide ample risk coverage, and  simply isn’t the best fit for you. How could it be when you just filled out a faceless form? 

And when something happens, you’ll regret you didn’t have ample coverage.

The same scenario could happen if you “shopped” for coverage from various name-brand companies with local offices. You would still have to go to each office and give your information over and over to get competitive quotes. Who has time for that?

With a CNI independent insurance agent you give your information once and then your “personal shopper” takes over, going to market and negotiating the best premiums and plan provisions

Plus, CNI is a one-stop shop for all your insurance needs. Yes, you may have your home and auto insurance with one company and your life insurance with another, but you still have one insurance agency to phone when you have a question.

Insurance can get complicated. Our independent insurance agents pride themselves on taking the time to explain to our clients the nuances of different companies and policies. So you get to know and trust your agent. When you need help with a claim, your agent can smooth the path for you.

Bottom line: Nothing beats the personal, local service of your independent CNI insurance agent.

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