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You’ll Always Find a Great Insurance Agent at CNI.

Each and every insurance agent at Carl Nelson Insurance Agency, Inc. receives rigorous and ongoing training. Support staff also receive extensive training.

That’s because we are passionately committed to protecting your way of life, whether it’s your personal life, your professional life, or your business.

Check out our highly-qualified insurance agents and support staff below …

Carl B Nelson
Carl B Nelson
Mark Nelson, Agribusiness Insurance Specialist
Mark Nelson
Todd Nelson, Commercial Insurance Specialist
Todd Nelson
Carl Nelson
Carl Nelson
Mike Royer, Insurance Agent
Mike Royer
Mike Tarter, Insurance Agent
Mike Tarter
Melissa Menezes, CISR
Melissa Menezes
Janelle Phelan, Insurance Agent
Janelle Phelan
Denise Hanse, Commercial LInes Manager
Denise Hanse
Stella Chavez, Customer Account Executive
Stella Chavez
Jaime Rocha, Customer Account Executive
Jaime Rocha
Crystal Bell, Insurance Agent
Crystal Bell
Adrienne Long, Customer Account Executive
Adrienne Long
Vanessa Lujano, Insurance Agent
Vanessa Lujano
Rachel Jacobi, Insurance Agent
Rachel Jacobi
Patrick A. Nelson, Insurance Agent
Patrick Nelson
Victoria Lopez, Receptionist
Victoria Lopez
Karlie Brooks, Receptionist
Karlie Brooks

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